Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Were Your 2013 Resolutions?

What are your new year's resolutions? To eat a cat like 'Mr. Cat-Lover' down here?

Oooooorr to be eaten by a cat like should I call her 'Mrs Kittens-love-ma-nose? - down here:

Hmmm...I hope your new year's resolutions have nothing to do with either eating cats or being eaten by cats.

Speaking of eating, "This is the last time last time(December 2012) I'm gobbling this junk food come next year, I'll be done, come next year I'm gonna watch my diet and enroll in a gym," that's what my buddy told me he promised himself last year, but today while riding with him in his car he was like, " Man, I'm not there yet (on the food and the gym) but the two are still on the 'to-do list'.

Sounds familiar? If not - kudos to you. But something tells me you've already started revising yours already? Ha ha ha...typical human nature.

Anyways do what you can to follow through with your resolutions.... at least up to June then you can start giving up...

How about revising your goals? Hmmm...that's tricky. My take is , it depends on the intention. I mean, it doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing to revise your new year resolutions - may be you are revising your 2013 resolutions for the better right? Bottom-line, set achievable goals - it will minimize the disappointment if you're not able to achieve all of them. Or as Oscar Wilde rightly put it, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 

Don't you agree?

Just to give you a recap of last year as regards Ionshaker everything was going great until the goof I hired to edite my action-packed -suspense-thriller-novel did a substandard job. And after uploading Ionshaker on Amazon and actually selling and getting a couple of positive reviews, it became clear  that the novel needed further editing and so  I had to pull it from the market. It was really a draw back and so I'm back to square one again. But all is not lost , right? That's why among my 2013 goals two of them are:
1. To get my manuscript professionally edited.
2. To publish my thriller novel as an eBook on Amazon.
3. To update this blog every Saturday (how about that huh?)

Of course in between these two there are small-small goals like getting a new professional cover for it, getting reviews and creating a buzz for it, etc. I just hope I'll get the strength and means to do it.

Next week and each subsequent week, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

For now, I wish you a great weekend, and please be here next week. Better yet, subscribe to my feed, follow me either on Facebook or Twitter to get notifications.

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