Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is Ionshaker?

Let me start by thanking you sooo sooo much for stepping by. I'm not sure if you were planning on it or if you just stumbled upon me. Whatever the case, I beg you to indulge me for a little bit to tell you about the chemistry behind this great story that I called Ionshaker.

Most people hopefully even you will agree with me that we live in highly volatile times, and despite the major scientific advancements that man has accomplished up to date, its sad to say, its not all for free. It comes at a great cost be it depletion of the environment, deterioration of health, arms-race, Godlessness bla bla bla actually you can't list all the negatives.

But just for a moment, lets consider what I just referred to as the 'arms race.' If you asked me to define arms-race, I would loosely describe it as the sudden urge by countries to amass for themselves stockpiles of heinous weapons capable of obliterating every living thing off the face of the earth, and for what? To prove a point - that they are superior...oh sorry, that's not the right word...that they are superpowers - yes that's the word. Superpowers.

We all know that nuclear power can be put to some good use, like for example it can be used to generate electricity right?

But now I want you to seeeeeriously think out-of-the-box for a moment.

What if there was a single portable device capable of remotely controlling all of the world's nuclear power, and when I say all I mean all - from non-military civil power plants to nuclear powered submarines cruising under the deep bellies of our oceans each  fitted with  lethal nuclear warheads. Try to imagine an scenario where this equipment can interfere with a nuclear reactor plant or detonate an nuclear warhead with only a click of a button.

And lets for the sake of ease of remembrance call this imaginary device Ionshaker, why Ionshaker - that's a story for another day. Now imagine a situation where a terrorist group are in possession of Ionshaker?

Similarly lets put a face to the ghost and give a name to this terrorist group, say - Al Fakir. Now, what on earth imaginable do you think Al Fakir would do with Ionshaker? Blow everything up? Nah. They wouldn't be that dumb, because they and their loved ones would perish as well. Perhaps, if they were smart, they'd  use it as leverage to coerce the U.S to meet their who-knows-what-crazy demands.

But we know "America doesn't negotiate with terrorists" right? so what their plan B?

Either detonated several nuclear warheads and nuclear power-plants across America to kill copious amounts of people with the explosions and radiation in order to push for the their agenda or...attack other weaker American-friendly countries with nuclear warheads.

By this point we're not kidding around, we're talking nuclear war!!!

Now imagine again for a minute that you're the sitting U.S president and its about re-election time. Its a quandary - Americans don't want another expensive war but at the same time they want to feel safe which they can because Al Fakir has taken over all of America's  nuclear power.

But there's some good news and some bad news. Good news is there are two people who can help you stop Al Fakir. Bad news is they are fugitive murder suspects on the FBI's most wanted list. What would you do? Remember two key things here; the safety of the people and re-election.

Would you use them to stop the terrorists? If you  use them, what about the political backlash? Would you put your career on the line? You say YES? Really?

Those are just but a few of the many tumultuous and conflicting scenarios that you'll experience as when you'll be reading the soon to be released action-packed suspense-thriller called IONSHAKER where
A sophisticated nuclear software is stolen, people with information start dying, and the president is forced to send two fugitives to steal Ionshaker back. The mission is urgent, dangerous and impossible."

Written by
Felix Timothy


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